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TitleRatingRelease DateDescriptionDownload link
Right Wing Retard  PG 2005-11-05 This is more or less a political rant about republicans. Download
Mad Beatz  PG 2005-11-19 This is a little doozie about people having mad
beatz, it really speaks for itself.
Phantom Potato  PG 2006-01-28 This is a random tidbit about a guy finding an invisible
potato and his mexian pal Petro.
Germans Valintines  PG 2006-02-11 Germans ruin valintines day with their crazy german language. Download
Muter 4000  PG 2006-02-25 Advertisment about a sound muter for everything. Download
Show remix 1  PG 2006-02-04 A remix of some of's great moments
from the last 6 months. (read: Clay being loud)
Only Retards play basketball  PG 2006-03-18 Only retarded people play the "sport" of Basketball Download
Eavesdropper 9000  PG 2006-03-18 Listen in to other peoples lives. Download
Clay-to-speech  PG 2006-03-25 Revenge for Clay abusing text-to-speech people Download
Happy pill version 2  PG 2006-04-01 A pill that will make you happy Download
Ritalin Popsicles  PG 2006-04-01 A new was to get your kids to take their Ritalin, Popsicles! Download
Reverberator 20 10  PG 2006-04-08 Makes your singing sound professional. Download
Something Smells  PG 2006-04-15 Cheap food products Download
Bad Electronics  PG 2006-04-29 Complaining tech support staff from India Download
Magic Gas  PG 2006-05-13 How to get cheap gas Download
Tader Skin Profit  PG 2006-05-20 How to turn old food into money on ebay Download
Fartamogar  PG 2006-06-10 A new game! Download
Clay's Korner  PG 2006-06-24 A book about how to make things up like Clay. Download
Horse Shoes  PG 2006-06-24 Not my best, but definately one of the most random. Download
Yummy Monkey  PG 2006-06-24 Mmmmm.... yummy monkeys Download
The Korner - 2006-07-29  PG 2006-07-29 This is a mix of the next 4 bits. It has segways and such as well, it was for my brothers birthday show. Download
Fard  PG 2006-07-01 It's fard. Download
Bday Surprise  PG 2006-07-29 I cant tell you, it's a surprise. Download
Hhhonor  PG 2006-07-29 Do you have hhhonor? Download
Pig Basket  PG 2006-07-29 You know you want a pig and pig related parts basket. Download
Everyone Loves/Hates Ohio  PG 2006-08-19 Why Ohio is good, and why ohio is bad. Download
Soap  PG 2006-08-26 Get some soap Download
Sometimes  PG 2006-09-23 Do you have a case of the Sometimes? We have the cure. Download
Go Nuc Yourself  PG 2007-02-17 Thats right go nuc yourself. Download
Night before Christmas  PG 2006-12-23 A little holiday special bit Download
Aborter 2000  PG 2007-03-24 Cheap abortion device Download
Tard Water  PG 2007-03-24 New H20 based product Download
Brain Power  PG 2007-04-28 Get smarter now! Download
BLAND  PG 2007-05-26 MMM tasty bland food! Download
Debt Monopoly  PG 2008-02-02 Don't be a terrorist, get in debt! Download
Extreme  PG 2008-03-01 Extreme Extreme Extreme!!!!! Download
Energy Valium  PG 2008-03-08 Riding the wave of energy drinks comes the wave of energy drugs Download
Crappy Booze  PG 2008-05-03 Crappiest Booze there is,! Download
Fake Flour  PG 2008-05-24 Stupid Wheat Download

*** WARNING ***

  The following fake commercials, are rated R, and are not for the faint at heart.

Please note that these will be found offensive by you.

Its Obvious Stupid  R 2005-06-10 A device that points out the obvious. Download
Illin Chillin Pillin  R 2005-06-16 This one isn't too offensive, it does use a few choice
swear words though which is where the R rating comes from
Monotone Music  R 2005-06-25 Toned down childrens songs so that the kids dont get out of control. Download
News Anchor Gone Wild  R 2005-07-09 A news anchor goes slightly off the deepend. Download
The Lifetime Network  R 2005-10-01 I hate the Lifetime network because nothing good is ever on it. Download
De-gay-afyer  R 2005-10-23 My brother is gay cause he listens to Britney Spears.
This device should cure that issue.
V Plus One Chip R 2005-10-29 This is probably the most offensive of the bunch. I pretty much insult everyone. Download
Hammer Holder R 2005-11-19 A product to hold your hammers. Download
Want A New Boat R 2006-01-14 I made this on my birthday so I felt like I had creative free reign. Download
Happy Birthday Software R 2006-02-18 A product to help write witty things on birthday cards Download
CAUK R 2006-02-25 A new food product. Download
Ball Grabbingly Good R 2006-03-11 A New line of food products to compete with Hellava Good. Download
Intro-ish Type Thing R NA A short intro I did for Jim's station, it's just
funny, wasn't a great intro to anything
Molestorator 4000 R 2006-05-13 Learn to speak like a molester Download
Taco Salad Sex-Be-Gone R 2006-05-20 Sick of having sexual thoughts about taco salads? Download
Shitty R 2006-06-03 This one is mildly rated R and sort of craptacular, I do not promiss you'll laugh. Everyone is allowed an off day so back off. Download
Stutter Spray R 2006-08-02 This i-i-is a spa-spa-spray that'll stop yu-yu-your stuttering. Download
Hoser Fun Kit R 2006-08-19 How to have fun in Canada, eh. Download
Fuck You Vagina Monologues R 2006-08-26 The Vagina Monologues done right. Download
Greeeeeting Cards R 2006-09-02 Eat your heart out Hallmark Download
UPN R 2006-09-02 Whats on the UPN network. Download
Fat People Are Gay R 2006-12-23 A kids toy that spouts fun sayings Download
Go Fuck A Goose R 2007-01-13 Thats right, go fuck a goose (it was my birthday so eat it) Download
Cock Dickery R 2007-02-10 A Soup Download
Phil Colins is Fucking Gay R 2007-02-10 My brother played a lot of Phil Colins on his show so this was my response bit Download
So I Lied R 2007-02-10 I lie. Download
Giant Iron Rod R 2007-02-17 The cure for fishy pussy. Download
Srange Filling R 2007-02-17 A device to answer simple questions Download
GookGone R 2007-02-24 Get rid of those stupid gooks for good Download
Old Coot R 2007-02-24 Stupid old people Download
I want to touch you where you pea R 2007-03-03 mmm pea soup Download
What not to say R 2007-03-24 Product will help keep you out of trouble Download
Cocksicles R 2007-03-31 Mmmm Cocksicles? Download
Nappy R 2007-04-14 Thank you Imus Download
Drunk Spickinator 2000 R 2007-04-28 Um de-spick yourself? Download
G-Max Gayday R 2007-04-28 Detect homosexuals Download
Same Sex Marriage R 2007-05-26 Horrible, except the ending Download
Monotone Retarded Tourettes R 2007-06-09 This is about horrible disease that is plaguing the nation and the cure. Download
Statutory Rape Kit R 2007-06-29 Priests everywhere will want one of these. Download
Pink Taconator 3000 R 2007-07-03 Amusing with clips used from lesser liked bits. Download
Eco Friendly Car R 2007-07-07 Michael Richards (Kramer from Sinfeld) goes green. Download
Chalk  R 2007-08-04 MMM tasty bland chalk! Download
Animal Whips-er-per R 2007-08-04 Michael Vick is the new dog whip-sper-er Download
Bucket Head R 2007-08-25 Korean time fun time ha! Download
Boxcar Sally R 2007-09-08 About a prostitute named boxcar Sally Download
Surrender R 2007-09-29 France Surrenders! Download
Restaurant R 2007-11-03 The menu from a 7 star restaurant give or take 12 stars Download
V-Plus-One-Chip Live Action Remix R 2007-11-10 A live action remix of everyones favorite V-Plus-One-Chip bit Download
Holiday Sales R 2007-11-24 Holiday sales going on around the country Download
Profanity Christmas R 2007-12-01 Fuck you santa. Download
Muppetfucker R 2008-01-19 Muppetfucker. Download
Blasphemous Niglet R 2008-02-09 I have no idea. Download
Eric The Donkey Fucker R 2008-05-17 Jims friend Eric fucks donkeys. Download
Touch Me Where I Pee Play Set R 2008-06-28 Catholics play set. Download

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